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SoferStore.com was created by the Zboryk family to distribute holy books, mehudar Mezuzahs, Tefillin, Megillot and Judaica around the world. We made aliyah in 2017. Since that time, we live in the Neve Yaakov, in the eastern part of Jerusalem. Our family has four children. Each of them is a gift.

David Eliyahu Zboryk is avrech, studying at the Kollel Klaipeda in Maale Adumim. He is a certified sofer STAM and his mezuzahs, tefillin and mezuzahs are available on soferstore.com. 

We published the first siddur for weekdays with an interlinear translation in Russian B”H in 2017. This unique siddur that allows Russian speaking Jews  to daven with a concentration on the meaning of words. This is the main book that we distribute. We want to publish the book of Tehilim with an interlinear translation of the A5 format, Siddur for Shabbat and holidays, and the translation of a number of books from English into Russian. We also sell the books of the rabbis that we know.

We try to make prices affordable and reduce shipping cost. Order on our website or come to us to our place to save on shipping. With each order you support our family and our projects for the publishing and distribution of holy books.

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