Excellent (MEHUDAR) Mezuzah Scroll

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The size of the mezuzah scroll is 15 cm, 5.9 “. This is the best value for money. We strongly recommend this option.


Excellent (MEHUDAR*) mezuzah scroll, written by professional scribe (SOFER) in Jerusalem. The writing is not only 100% kosher but also more beautiful than in basic mezuzah. Your mezuzah is phenomenal outside as well as inside with this scroll.

The mezuzah scroll is the soul and heart of the mezuzah. You can replace the mezuzah case in few years when you redesign your room but the scroll will stay with you for a life. It worth to spend more on mezuzah scroll ones and have a superior scroll on your doorpost all the time. The scroll is like wi-fi receiver that connects our house to Endless Source of Security. Better scroll means better connection.

We give a guarantee on all the mezuzah scrolls in our store. All of them are checked meticulously by professional expert and by a computer to ensure that it is 100% Kosher.

Order a mezuzah scroll if you have already chosen a case for a mezuzah or choose your mezuzah case for your scroll.

*What is the difference between KOSHER mezuzah and MEHUDAR mezuzah?

MEHUDAR mezuzah. The scribes follows the prescriptions (PSAK CHALAKHA i.e. Mishnah Brurah, Keset Hasofer, Kol Yaakov) of main Legal Scholars (POSKIM). The scribe also follows not only the letter of strict Law but also recommendations of the Legal Scholars how to improve and beautify writing which makes the mezuzah valid a priori (KOSHER LECHTCHILA) according to all main Jewish legal opinions. Usually the scribe spend more time to write MEHUDAR mezuzah and it costs more.
KOSHER mezuzah. The scribe follows the letter of strict Law according to opinions of one Legal Scholar (i.e. Mishnah Brurah) and may disregard the opinions of other Legal Scholars. The mezuzah is usually valid (KOSHER) according the opinion of one Legal Scholar and sometimes it is only valid post factum (KOSHER BEDIEVED i.e. it is valid since it is no way to change it but is not the best way to do it.)  Usually the scribe spend much less time to write KOSHER mezuzah and it costs less.
The rule is: The MEHUDAR mezuzah is KOSHER but Basic (KOSHER) mezuzah is not MEHUDAR.

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Dimensions 10 cm


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