Megillat Ester

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Mehudar Megillat Esther written by certified scribe in Jerusalem. Beautiful writing on high quality parchment (klaf). 28 lines on the page (Hamelach). Nusach Beis Yosef or ARIZaL. Megilah was checked by certified proofreader (baal magiah) and by computer check. Guaranteed kosher.


Megillat Esther (Book of Esther) is one of the five Megillot of Tanakh. It written by Mordecai in 4th Century BC as a letter to all Jews. Megillat Esther tells about Jewish woman named Hadassah and known as Esther. She became a princess of Persia and saved fer people from destruction.

Megillat Ester is one of the two books of Tanakh where the name of God is not mentioned. The word esther is translated from Hebrew as hidden. Nevertheless the name of God is not mentioned, it is obvious that the sophisticated scenario of saving described in Megillat Esther can only be managed by Hand of Heaven and can not be a mere conjunction. This eludes  on how God manages the Universe. He is not visible but it is evident that the world is created and wisely managed.

How to Read Megillat Esther

Reading of Megillat Esther is a main event of Purim Celebration. Traditionally it is read in loud from the hand written scroll by reader and all present follow the reader word in word in their personal hand written scrolls (preferable) or in printed copies.

The commandment of Hearing Megillat Esther addressed equally to men and woman. Men traditionally read Megillat Esther at home for women. Hand written scroll only works for this purpose. Order your personal handwritten scroll of Megillat Esther and create a new family value.

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