Pitum HaKetoret, 12cm

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Pitum HaKetoret (incense) written on perhament (klaf) by certified sofer (scribe) in Jerusalem. The size is 12 cm.

Pitum HaKetoret (incense) is a part of davening of Shaharit (morning prayer) and  Mincha (afternoon prayer). It tells about composition of incense that is made and used at the time of Bait Hamikdash.



Protection from evil powers

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai urges states that careful reading of compound of incense twice a day, ones in the morning and ones in the afternoon, protects the one who reads from all evils all the day long. Rabbi Shimon asks why Torah uses the word Mizbeach for Mizbeach HaZaav (the place for incense). The root of the word Mizbeach is zabichah witch means slaughtering. But the kohen incense on Mizbeach HaZaav and he never slaughter on it. Rabbi Shimon explains that slaughtered evil powers are burned with the incense. Our Sages told the one who carefully reads Pitum HaKetoret like makes an incense and evil powers cannot make damage to him any more.

Stopping a plague

Moshe Rabeinu got the secret of composition of Pitum HaKtoret from Angel of Death on mount Sinai as a present (Talmud Bavli, 89). Moshe Rabeinu than instructed Aaron HaKohen to make the incense to stop epidemic in the time of Korach rebellion. Aaron stayed with the incense between the living people and the dead and epidemic has been stopped. 

Rabbies of Israel instructed to read Pitum HaKetoret to stop Coronavirus and to be protected from it.


Kohen that made an incense in Bait Hamikdash (Temple) became rich (Talmud, Yomah). Our Sages told that the one who carefully reads Pitum HaKetoret like incense by himself in Bait Hamikdash. It is preferable to read Pitum HaKetoret from klaf (special parchment). Order it on our website and we will deliver to your place. 


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