The gift of life. An inspiring Torah-prospective to childbirth


These chapters are being published in the hope that women will gain form them strength and encouragement, and merit their births be a key to enduring spiritual elevation.

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Childbirth is a unique opportunity for spiritual elevation. While most women acquire tools to address the physical and emotional challenges involved in childbirth, few consider preparing themselves for the enriching spiritual aspect of the process.

In the following chapters, ideas are presented to help transform this special event into an inspiring and uplifting experience.

These chapters were written by a father in response to questions presented by his daughters who were facing this unique challenge. The daughters edited the answers and added suggestions based on their own experience. They also passed them on to other women to receive additional suggestions and to see whether the ideas attained their objective.

The enthusiastic feedback received provided the incentive to spread these ideas to wider audience. Even woman who, at the time of reading, thought the ideas were not suitable for them, reported that in practice they discovered that they were indeed able to transform the birth into an uplifting experience.


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